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Sophie is from Loveland, OH and is a junior at Miami. Her yoga practice started her freshman year in high school and she began practicing regularly a few years later. Signing up for teacher training was a last minute decision and it ended up being the greatest choice of her life! She received her 200-RYT from Simply Power in Loveland, OH in March 2015 and teaches a Baptiste inspired flow. Sophie hopes her students may learn to be vulnerable on and off the mat by pushing them through a powerful class that allows them to step outside of their comfort zone.

Kacey lang

Kacey found her way to yoga at the young age of 10, while tagging along to classes with her mom. Over time and into her teens, she found yoga as a place to exercise the mind and body. Upon graduating high school, Kacey knew a yoga teacher training was in her future. When graduating from Miami in May 2017, she took the leap to get her 200-RYT, specifically in Vinyasa, at Yoga Six in Columbus, OH. "I am happy to call Root my first official studio! In the fall of 2018, I plan to attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy, where I am eager to incorporate yoga during therapy sessions with future clients. In my free time, I love to run, hike, and volunteer with service-dogs-in-training and individuals with disabilities!"

samantha bettinger

Samantha is a grad student at Miami, where she also earned her undergrad in psychology and health promotion. She is from Perrysburg, OH, just outside of Toledo and has the cutest dog named Lulu. Samantha started doing yoga in high school and received her yoga certification from Yoga Fit. She started teaching at the YMCA her freshman year at Miami and has taught yoga the last two summers in her hometown. Her favorite part of yoga is being able to do something that is relaxing and good for your body that is also fun!  

megan dressel

Megan is a senior at Miami and is from Columbus, OH, where she earned her 200RYT. Her major is nutrition with a dietetics focus. She first started practicing yoga her sophomore year of high school following a shoulder surgery and has been practicing ever since. She loves the way yoga can make you feel more confident, loving (of yourself and others!), happy, stronger on and off the mat. Be ready to enter a judgment free zone and HAVE FUN, challenge yourself to push past your comfort zone and listen to awesome music when you come to her class!


Jill is a Hamilton native and a Miami grad. She moved out to Seattle in 1998, which is where yoga came into her life, and she's been deepening her practice ever since. Her favorite yoga quote is from B.K.S. Iyengar, "Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees." Jill moved back to Oxford in 2004 and met her husband, Bill, the same year. They have 2 boys, Maximilian & Kairos. After having her first son, she discovered Children's Yoga, became a Certified Childlight Yoga instructor in 2015, and gained her RYT-200 in March 2016.

Paige Dewitt

Paige attended her first yoga class during her freshman year of high school and thought nothing of it. Years later she was presented with the opportunity to go through Simply Power Yoga's teacher training program in Loveland, OH and that is where it all began. Paige never imagined herself being this age and teaching yoga, but has slowly come to realize it is so much more than just teaching yoga. She has learned about herself, on and off the mat, and believes the greater realization is that the more she learns, the less she knows. While her journey is young, she is excited to see where the beautiful practice of yoga will take her. Come flow with Paige!  

nicholas daman

Nicholas is from Marysville, Ohio, which is a small town not too far from Columbus. "I am in my third year here at Miami, studying Biology and preparing for medical school! I love yoga because it reminds me that I have the possibility to do anything. Yoga is so powerful because it goes so far beyond the mat. My interest in the science of the human body mingles so well with the movement of yoga. Yoga is for every body, so whether you have been practicing for a while or are a first time yogi, I hope to see you at Root!" 

olivia petas

Olivia is from Toledo, Ohio and a current student at Miami University. She is studying Economics and Fashion Corporate Business. She has always done yoga and pilates with her Mom, ever since she could walk, and eventually became certified the summer before freshman year. In her free time, she likes to hike, go up North, and find the nearest music festival to groove at. Her signature class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you’ll power up your yoga practice like never before. 










Jen Reed

Jen was born & raised in Oxford but finds 'home' in all places. She is a lover of all things green, waves, mountains, and fresh air.  She received her 200RYT certification at Beatree Yoga (now Journey Yoga) in Richmond, IN.  She is also a Certified Health Educator and LSU alumni. When Jen isn't in the studio, she's hiking with her doggies, paddleboarding on the water, or hitting the open road. Jen moved to California in spring of 2017, but she loves teaching workshops and classes at Root whenever she is home!

maggie jo frey

Maggie began practicing yoga during her undergrad at IU Bloomington. She completed teacher training in 2005 and has been teaching off and on ever since. Maggie and her family have recently made the move back to Oxford after a 19 year hiatus. How lucky for us!

Claudia Read

Claudia is a senior at Miami University studying public health, with plans of pursuing a career in nursing. Claudia is from Vancouver, BC, where she received her 200RYT this summer. She first found yoga 6 years ago, and it changed her life, both physically and mentally, and she hopes to spread the yoga love.
When Claudia isn't practicing yoga, you will most likely find her getting lost in the woods or asleep in a hammock.

Haezal Hartung

Haezel is from Minneapolis, MN, and is a Senior Kinesiology major at Miami University. She received her RYT-200 in January of 2017. Haezal is trained in traditional Vinyasa, with an emphasis on Hatha yoga. A personal goal of Haezal's is to make her classes fun, creative, and accessible to all. She finds inspiration in her practice and is excited to share her love for yoga with everyone else.

Caroline kelley

Caroline is a senior at Miami University studying Social Work and Community Based Leadership. She is from Columbus, OH and plans to earn her master’s degree from OSU after graduation. She began practicing yoga her senior year of high school and thought of it as a fun hobby. Going into her sophomore year of college, however, she pursued her certification through the Holy Yoga teacher training program, a Christ-centered approach to yoga. Holy Yoga is based out of Phoenix, AZ so she was able to study yoga in the high altitudes of the Grand Canyon mountains. Caroline thinks of yoga as a powerful tool for gaining strength, healing, and participating in worship. She believes she can use yoga in her trauma based profession to advocate for a healthy mind, body, and spirit for her clients. When she is not doing yoga, you will find her relaxing on her porch reading or sitting in Kofenya Coffee House drinking a latte. Her goal for the future is to become a social worker at a children’s hospital and teach yoga with her clients and their families.



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