Here at Root Yoga, we are committed to joining together and rooting down deep to bring you into deeper community and practice.  We offer a wide array of classes, ranging from sweet, quiet, restorative classes to more rigorous, sweaty power classes.  

But great yoga is just part of our mission.  We exist to bring people together - with one another and with themselves.  Root is a safe place, an easy landing, a collective sigh of relief.    
We're here to support and encourage one another in a world of criticism.  We're here to root down, to live mindfully, and to rise up together.  

We really hope you join us, we'll save a spot for you.

YOU are invited to Root.  Yes, you - beginner who can't touch your toes, runner with shin splints, new mama who needs a minute to breathe, gentleman who wants to try yoga but is nervous to walk into a yoga studio. YOU! Come on over. We can't wait to be your friend.